mussels in a pea broth


· 25g butter

· 1 leek (finely sliced)

· 1 small bunch of tarragon (finely sliced)

· 1 small bunch of mint (finely sliced)

· 100ml vegetable stock

· 50ml cream

· 200g frozen peas

· 500g mussels

· A pinch of salt and pepper


1. Melt the butter into a pan and mix in the tarragon and leeks.


2. Cook for about 4 minutes.

3. Whilst that is softening, take the beards off the mussels and then let them soak in cold water for 2 minutes.

4. Add the stock and cream to the saucepan, and bring the pan to a simmer.

5. Next put the mussels and peas into the pan, then with the lid on shake the mussels to cover them in the sauce and leave them steam for around 5 minutes until all mussels have opened.

6. Lastly, serve up your mussels into a dish and sprinkle the mint along with the salt and pepper. They are then ready to serve.