For the macaroni filling:

· 300g macaroni pasta

· 135g peas

· Cheese Sauce

· 100g gouda cheese

· 110g cheddar cheese

· 25g shredded mozzarella

· 40g mozzarella pearl balls

· 1tsp garlic salt

· 1/2 tsp onion granules

· 1/2 tsp mustard powder

· 40g butter

· 40g plain flour

· 1 pint of milk

For the breadcrumb coating:

· 2 eggs

· Flour 

· Breadcrumbs  


1. Cook pasta to packet instructions approx. 12 minutes.

2. Once cooked, rinse under water and set aside.

3. Cook peas in the microwave to packet instructions.

4. Add the peas to the pasta.

5. For the cheese sauce, melt the butter in a large sauce pan.

6. Add the flour and cook for a few minutes to get rid of the raw flour taste.

7. Add the milk, small amounts at a time, continuously stirring so it doesn't become lumpy.

8. Once the sauce has thickened add the garlic salt, onion granules and mustard powder, stir.

9. Add the cheeses and stir.

10. Add the pasta and peas to the cheese sauce.

11. Pour the mixture into a dish.

12. Put in the refrigerator over night.

13. The following day cut the solid mac n cheese with peas into slices, approx. 1cm thick.

14. In a large saucepan put some vegetable oil and bring to a temperature of 185 degrees .

15. Dip the slices in the egg.

16. Dip the slices in the flour .

17. Dip the slices in the breadcrumbs.

18. Put the coated mac n cheese pea chips in the oil and fry for 1 minute 20 seconds, until golden and the cheese starts to melt through the breadcrumbs.